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Outsauced Chef provides a personal chef service and private dining events.

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Cooking in the industry has taken Pairo as far as Dublin, New York and the Hebrides. He has recently been working as a personal chef for a variety of private clients.


With fifteen years’ experience in kitchens across the world for a range of employers and clients, from high-end restaurants to private estates. I am a trained professional but food is also my personal passion. I am forever seeking out the best places to eat and getting my hands on great ingredients. I take my cooking very seriously and I strive to learn as much as I can about my craft and refine my skills. My cooking is framed in classic technique and nuanced by globally inspired flavours."

"I look forward to cooking for you."

I am proud to work alongside a skilled and dedicated team.


A seasoned freelance chef and accomplished baker, Jodie brings a wealth of experience to the kitchen alongside his inimitable cool and relaxed style. A dynamic duo, we have been working together for years.

Servers and Hostesses

For larger functions I am able to call upon the support of a talented pool of staff from catering and hospitality backgrounds.


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